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An invitation to Pruszków Print E-mail
An invitation to Pruszków

We would like to invite you to Pruszków - the town of good investments!

If you would like to make a good investment you cannot miss the opportunities which we offer you in Pruszków. There are plenty of reasons for which Pruszków is worth your interest, from the town’s ideal location to its developed public infrastructure and business surroundings.


Pruszków with its 54,000 citizens is the biggest town in the western part of Warsaw agglomeration. Pruszków County is inhabited by nearly 135,000 people. The town is located near Warsaw and that is one of its greatest advantages. The rapid economic development in Warsaw, where all governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations and financial centres are based, creates possibilities for keeping up with the latest novelties, financial and legal regulations and helps to make direct contact with those who are responsible for implementing them. There is also an extensive network of main and international roads in the vicinity of Pruszków, which makes it possible to get fast and easily to whichever place you like both in Pruszków and beyond the town’s boundaries. The railway line crossing Pruszków provides an extra opportunity for transporting goods. In Pruszków there is also one of the biggest railway container terminals in Poland. The town’s location not far from Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport is also of major importance.

Many companies have already appreciated the economic advantages of Pruszków and Pruszków County, which shows the development potential of the area. In the rankings of investment attractiveness and development potential of Polish towns, prepared by independent research firms, Pruszków has taken the top spot in the country. To the companies based in Pruszków belong, among others, Daewoo Electronics, Mitsui, Nice, Gorenje, Lek, McDonald’s, Kongsberg, Bauma, BT, Lidl, Munksjo, Carletti, Strabag, TRW Automotive, Bell Properties and 17 banks, whereas in Pruszków County there are such companies as IKEA, Man, Daf, 3M, Iveco and many others (www.pruszkow.pl).

The fact that so many significant companies have invested their capital in or near Pruszków proves that it is a perfect place for business. Investing your capital in our town guarantees that you will get a return on your investment and make a profit.

By successful investments we mean: several dozen of investors from more than a dozen countries, more than 2,000 new jobs, an increased town income, construction development and modern environment-safe technologies. It is also a confirmation of Pruszków’s attraction and its good prospects as well as a guarantee of increasing the dwellers’ purchasing power. It is also a consolidation of Pruszków’s image as a development and changes leader among the towns located near Warsaw.

The main advantage of Pruszków is the friendliness of the local community and the guarantee of help from the local government when it comes to carrying out economic ventures and taking the shortest way to completing the necessary procedures, which helps investors to save the most precious thing: time.

It is worthwhile checking out that Pruszków is a town of successful investments!

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